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Trademarket s.r.l, is a very young company, born in 2000, but the staff is composed by people with a lot of technical and commercial experience.

The object of Trademarket s.r.l is to be agent and vendor, on Italian and International markets, of his products and services, and to be agent and vendor of products and services of other companies.
Don't be frightened if in our site you'll find strange or complex products. Trademarket s.r.l acquired its great technical experience really dealing in such expensive, hard handling products.

Our policy is based on buyers and vendors' satisfaction, and we help them to find what they want, giving them our staff support.

If you are interessed to be represented by our company Trademarket s.r.l, You have to send us your reference, and we will conctact You as soon as possible, to arrange with You how we can collaborate.

Sincerely yours
      staff Ricercadimercato

Ricerca di Mercato & Import Export

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